The Matrix is a term we use to describe an ecosystem that consists of integrated online and offline marketing assets. By design and deployment these assets and actions are focused on reaching and engaging a very fast paced and connected society. Mobile adoption and massive consumption of rich content via laptops, iPads, tablets and smartphones has created a major shift in the way marketers and brands are approaching their core markets. More interesting is the data that clearly shows new opportunities forming around one of the most powerful consumer groups in history. Some people call them Generation Y, Digital Natives or Ecoboomers. The science behind crafting a strategic matrix of marketing assets is to allow this connected generation to interact with brands and to create engagements that lead to relevant dialogues. These engagements and dialogues happen in what Google calls, “The Zero Moment Of Truth”.

We work with our clients to develop this dialogue between customers and their brands. We strategically construct media assets including The Internet, Mobile Web, Social Media, Video, Print, Mobile Games, Broadcast, Out-Of-Home and all marketing resources in a way that allows a brand to keep their fingers on the pulse of this new generation for deeper connections to consumers and to the marketing data that allows a brand to deliver useful and relevant information to their audience.


Although websites are the main frame and you still need a web presence on the internet, they can no longer function as a separate entity. Through massive strides with social media on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and etc. you have to integrate them all back into your website. We have learned that visitors and consumers all have particular preferences on how they want to research and receive their information. Otherwise, websites that are just websites are no longer effective.

Let’s face it, first impressions are so important even on the internet. We build websites that are a true reflection of you business that represents you in the best possible light. Whether you have an existing website that needs a facelift or you are in need of a new website, we can help you. We are selective of clients who we build websites for, since it’s not about just a website…it’s about integrating your business, finding your algorithm and fine tuning it to perform at a high level.


Algorithmic Marketing- Every business has a unique Algorithm. These algorithms are very similar to the DNA of each person as they can be used to identify patterns if they are interpreted properly. The data that can be gathered from Algorithmic Marketing can provide a wealth of insight into a business and the pulse of the business and it’s interactions with customers. What’s more is that algorithms can be enhanced to  perform better or to accomplish specific objectives. We help businesses take the pulse of their business and identify The Marketing Algorithm.

Website Design – Think about what you want to accomplish with your existing website or what you want your new website to do. How many pages, functionality, look and feel, video, what type of social media do you currently use and how to incorporate it into your website. These are all good questions to ask yourself and think about. The more visual and detail you are, the better we can create exactly what you want.

Brand Design or Logo Design – Every website should have a brand or logo design that represents who you are. If you do not have one, we can create one for you. If you already have one, and it’s a low resolution file…our designers are experts and can recreate it as close as possible if not exactly match it.

Language Translation in International Languages – If your business or service is applicable to a wider audience, beyond the U.S., it may make sense to give the option of allowing your viewers to translate the content of your website to another language.

Digital Brand Development – From start to finish, we can assist you in understanding and accomplishing your goals.

Microsoft Tag and QR Codes Integration – We have the ability to custom create Microsoft Tags and/or QR Codes that link to specific websites, pdfs., promotions, coupons, video, forms, social media (Facebook and Twitter) and etc… Some codes have built in tracking mechanisms to show you where the traffic, leads, scans are originating from. We create the tag or code for you and provide the image file to your web or graphic designer to incorporate into your website or printed materials. We may also create the print collateral or ad for you to ensure the tag is scannable at the appropriate size and resolution.

Contact/Registration/Inquiry Forms – Do you need assistance in a creating specific form(s) for a specific event, promotion, ongoing online class registration, booking reservation inquiry, and the list goes on. We custom create forms with unique drop down menu options or radio buttons to allow you to gather specific information required from your customer(s). These forms are not just pages/links but they also include captcha or security codes to ensure all customers’ information is inputted safely and sent through the internet securely. If your customers know you are conscientious about keeping their personal information protected, the likelihood of receiving more completed forms, inquiries, and RSVP’s. If you want to incorporate some type of payment with the system, we are able to assist you in that area as well.

Online Stores, Merchant Gateways, and Shipping Methods – Is you business primarily dependent upon customers from the internet and require selling merchandise or tangible goods or services. We have the ability to set up an online store with  (web) offline (phone) payment systems. Your online store may accept not only U.S. but also International credit cards. We offer initial payment gateway setup, tax set up, shipping methods, and more. Don’t have professional photos already of your merchandise, we offer professional photography and graphic design work to showcase your merchandise in the best possible light to increase revenues by pushing more sales. We offer full online store set up, in depth consultation required.

Mobile Commerce – More and more people are completing transactions by using their mobile devices. We make sure our online stores convert to any mobile platform for easy viewing and mobile payments. So whether you have a iPad or smartphone, you may still complete secure transactions and receive email confirmations immediately.

Video Integration with Online Store – Nothing is better than video, consumers are more interested in previewing video over reading these days. When we build online stores, we offer the ability to integrate video about your product or service. Video integration increases the chance of impulse buys and immediate purchases. Isn’t that the goal of any business, it’s call “Conversion.”

Photo Gallery with Music Integration – What’s better than standard photos in an album, a gallery with music. Keeps customer’s captivated in wanting to preview more of what you are displaying. Sometimes, including music in the background isn’t always the solution and we’ll be honest enough to let you know.

Video Creation, Integration and Distribution (Files, YouTube, Vimeo, etc…) – We have experts that specialize in this area. So whether you need a quick 30 minute video or an hour long episode, we do it all. We also include scripting, green screen if need be, props, and video file editing in the format you need it in. Say you want to deliver your video via text messaging, we can set this up for you too. It includes full audio and video integration, with a call to action.

Social Media Integration (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yelp, and etc…) – Not familiar with Social Media, now is the time. Millions of people are utilizing a combination of at least 2, so why not be brought up to speed. Through our website services, we have the ability to incorporate live feed activity of your Facebook, Twitter, and etc… accounts. If you simply need to be brushed up on a tutorial on how to utilize these services, we offer tutoring as well by the hour.

Sharing and Page Printing – Got content that you want web viewers to be-able share via social media and/or print, we got you covered.

Search Engine Optimization – Our experts have been officially certified by “Google” and knows all the in’s and out’s about search engine optimization. You can pay a fortune for a dynamic website, but if web viewers can’t find it by searching on popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Internet Explorer, and etc…you’re out of luck. This is where we come in and modify and tweak the code of your website and some other secret magic. This is why clients pay us to do what we do best, because you get results that make you impressed with what we already know.

Conversion Marketing – Conversion is a science. Has a lot to do with web traffic, placement, analytic reports, and what you are offering to consumers through your website. All the services that we offer above contribute to one another and play a major role towards increasing your web conversion rate. That’s why we are dynamic and knowledgeable in offering unique services to our clients. Can’t do one without the other.

Video Distribution – Having a great video created is nice, but what next. Don’t just rely upon distributing it through YouTube or even Vimeo. There are so many other resources to get the exposure you want. We know which sites and organizations to push your video to, it’s all about connecting and exposure.

Newsletter Creation/Management – We offer several different platforms for Newsletter campaigns. We can get involved as little or as much as you would like for us to be. If you need help in even exploring which route to go, consult with us and we’ll figure out a good strategic plan for you. We have professional staff that have the ability do copy writing for you. Your newsletter campaign can go auto-pilot if you give us the green light to management it all. We’ll even send you monthly reports that show you the trend of where your loyal readers are coming from and where they are going.

Blog – Blogging is nice if you have time and want to do this on your own. We can set this up and show you how to manage your own blog.

Website Maintenance – For a monthly fee or hourly fee, we can handle all aspects of your web presence on the internet. There are many variables to consider, so we start conservatively and are able to grow with you as you feel comfortable. If you need graphic design work as apart of this management system, we can come up with a solution as well.

Google +1 for Purposes – We know all the icons and badges need for your website, it’s all about fans, followers, likes, plus 1’s and more. Google loves websites that have the +1 symbol.

Photography Editing/Resizing – So maybe you don’t need help with your website, but perhaps it something simpler like photography and needing professional photos to utilize on print, video, web, and etc… We can design from scratch, duplicate, and edit/re-size no problem.

Set Up Accounts for Social Media Platforms – Don’t know where to begin with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Yelp, and etc…we can set this up for you and show you how to manage it.

Train Client or Staff to Manage Content on Website – So do you already have paid staff on your payroll and need to be trained on services that we have set up for you. Sure, we are glad to hand over the keys and train your staff to manage and perform the job requirements at hand. It’s not rocket science, it just takes time and a great employee who is willing to learn and manage.

Translate Web Design onto Print (Business Cards, Flyers, Newsletter) – We do it all. We streamline the look and feel of all your online and offline print materials. It’s called “Branding” and we truly know how important it is to keep it consistent. Goes back to first impressions.

Copywriting – For website content, blogs, scripts, sales materials, and more. You tell us what you want and we’ll take care of the rest.

Web Security – There are countless numbers of websites that get hacked everyday. During the down time of any business, the result is loss of income. This could be a huge issue and greater loss for you. We take all protective measures to protect our clients websites. We offer options and solutions, so this will not be an issue for you.

Partnership or Percentage – Do you have a new business but don’t have capital to invest in marketing and advertising. We consider ourselves like the “5th Wall” and we are open to joint ventures for the success of your product or service. We access all our tools and work on a retainer, commission, or percentage of your business. We are open-minded and are willing to work hard since our skin is in the game. The better we do to promote your business on the web, social media, and mobile promotions the more successful we all become. We call it “Pay for Performance.” This type of relationship is dependent on what you are trying to accomplish and we evaluate if it make sense for our agency to get involved and invest our time, energy, and efforts.

Consultation & Management – Not sure what you need, give us a call and we can schedule a consultation appointment 702-835-2034. We are a boutique agency and like to give our clients specialized and professional attention. What we have listed here are just the main core of what we do. Our services are not limited to just what you see on this page. We are knowledgeable enough and experienced to become solution based for many of our clients. So if you don’t see a professional service listed here, give us a call and perhaps we are able to come up with a solution or refer you to someone that is more specialized in that area. We are honest enough to let you know.

ReferencesIf you are would like to see some of our client projects, we are glad to share with you links over the phone or send you files. Our professional services is not something we try to promote and push, but people hear about us through our high quality of work through credible and long term clients. We are selective of who we work with. Our client list page is currently be updated and will be added to our website soon.

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